First Stoke is a way of life for board riders who have felt the pulse of adrenaline associated with the first drop, turn, aerial, flip, or just the first day engaged with a new passion. We are a grassroots movement which embraces progression, inclusion, and a desire to share our passions, experiences, and ideas with other riders.

The First Stoke community is for anyone who has experienced their first “stoke” associated with board sports. Once you’ve had it, it’s like an addiction. Every waking moment is spent seeking that next rush.
First Stoke was started in 2006 by a group of life-long board sports enthusiasts who yearned for an ability to share their experiences, ideas, and passions across a variety of mediums and activities.

In order for First Stoke to grow and thrive, we need to enlist the support of board sports activists everywhere to promote our message and build a community that resonates within our souls. To do so, we need all of you to check us when we fall off, give us love when we rip it, and just be true to the core.

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